Kamis, November 20, 2008

Caffeine Increased the Female Libido

Thank's for every comment in my last blog, I was very happy when I read that comments, many people likes coffee too. I have a joke about coffee and I think it's true. Even some people said Coffee is not good for our healthy, some of them said it's like a drug, after we drink it we will dependent on Coffee, so what? For me its not problem, because Coffee is easy to find it, from small shop in roadside until big restaurant, we could order it without shamefully and this is not the prohibition things, is it right?

As a women drinker Coffee, I never feel bad effect from this beverage. Do you know Coffee can increased the female libido? It's great...

I just read the BBC News : Coffee 'boosts female sex drive' Scientists from Southwestern University found caffeine increased the female libido in experiments on rats.
The Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behaviour journal study said the effect was caused by it stimulating the part of the brain regulating arousal.
But researchers said a similar effect was only likely to be repeated in humans who do not drink coffee regularly.
Previous research has looked into both the health benefits and consequences of coffee consumption.
The hot drink is linked to improving memory and reducing the risk of cancer, but studies have also suggested it increases the risk of heart disease.
In the latest research, scientists gave 108 female rats a moderate dose of caffeine before a mating test to determine if the caffeine had any effect on female behaviour.
They found that administration of caffeine shortened the amount of time it took the females to return to the males after sex for another mating session.
The study said the effects appeared to go beyond a simple boost of energy for socialising, but researchers said the effect may not be repeated in all humans.
After read this information, how do you think about Coffee? especially women.

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Footyman mengatakan...

Interesting! So men will now turn to coffee instead of trying to get her drunk if he wants to bed her!

Anonim mengatakan...

Well I'm a coffee drinker too but I'm not addicted to it. I know it has health benificial effect...I just love the aroma...that's it!

yeokeehui@gmail.com mengatakan...

I like hot coffee and I'm addicted to it. Took me quite sometime before I can reduce the intake. I believe coffee ia a drink to good health too.

Rose Ragai mengatakan...

i like to drink coffee too and sometimes it makes me can't sleep overnight. only can sleep the next morning...

Anonim mengatakan...

Cool blog, I love coffee, I am addicted to coffee...

I have posted a link to you on my site:


Douglas mengatakan...

There is quite a bit of caffeine in chocolate. Which may just explain why that confection is a favorite gift to a woman.

BLUDUS mengatakan...

ehmmmm I do like to drink coffee, it make me keep steady, btw thank for dropping in www.anisblog.info

Valeri-Theodor mengatakan...

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Eliezer mengatakan...

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