Kamis, November 20, 2008

Caffeine Increased the Female Libido

Thank's for every comment in my last blog, I was very happy when I read that comments, many people likes coffee too. I have a joke about coffee and I think it's true. Even some people said Coffee is not good for our healthy, some of them said it's like a drug, after we drink it we will dependent on Coffee, so what? For me its not problem, because Coffee is easy to find it, from small shop in roadside until big restaurant, we could order it without shamefully and this is not the prohibition things, is it right?

As a women drinker Coffee, I never feel bad effect from this beverage. Do you know Coffee can increased the female libido? It's great...

I just read the BBC News : Coffee 'boosts female sex drive' Scientists from Southwestern University found caffeine increased the female libido in experiments on rats.
The Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behaviour journal study said the effect was caused by it stimulating the part of the brain regulating arousal.
But researchers said a similar effect was only likely to be repeated in humans who do not drink coffee regularly.
Previous research has looked into both the health benefits and consequences of coffee consumption.
The hot drink is linked to improving memory and reducing the risk of cancer, but studies have also suggested it increases the risk of heart disease.
In the latest research, scientists gave 108 female rats a moderate dose of caffeine before a mating test to determine if the caffeine had any effect on female behaviour.
They found that administration of caffeine shortened the amount of time it took the females to return to the males after sex for another mating session.
The study said the effects appeared to go beyond a simple boost of energy for socialising, but researchers said the effect may not be repeated in all humans.
After read this information, how do you think about Coffee? especially women.

Selasa, November 04, 2008

Benefits of Coffee

I just read about Health Information, about Health Benefits of Coffee, I like read more about coffee, because I drink it regularity, so I want know what the effect to our healthy. Many people said don'e drink coffee to much, I talk to my self, if I drink 3 or 4 cup's a day, is it much? for me not, but for my friends or people around me said yes, it's to much. They suggest me only a cup in the morning, but until now I can't, after meal I will thinking of coffee.
Information about Healthy interest for me, and I want share for another person who want care about Healthy.

Coffee: The New Health Food?
Want a drug that could lower your risk of diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and colon cancer? That could lift your mood and treat headaches? That could lower your risk of cavities?
If it sounds too good to be true, think again.
Coffee, the much maligned but undoubtedly beloved beverage, just made headlines for possibly cutting the risk of the latest disease epidemic, type 2 diabetes. And the real news seems to be that the more you drink, the better.

Reducing Disease Risk
After analyzing data on 126,000 people for as long as 18 years, Harvard researchers calculate that compared with not partaking in America's favorite morning drink, downing one to three cups of caffeinated coffee daily can reduce diabetes risk by single digits. But having six cups or more each day slashed men's risk by 54% and women's by 30% over java avoiders.

Though the scientists give the customary "more research is needed" before they recommend you do overtime at Starbuck's to specifically prevent diabetes, their findings are very similar to those in a less-publicized Dutch study. And perhaps more importantly, it's the latest of hundreds of studies suggesting that coffee may be something of a health food -- especially in higher amounts.

In recent decades, some 19,000 studies have been done examining coffee's impact on health. And for the most part, their results are as pleasing as a gulp of freshly brewed Breakfast Blend for the 108 million Americans who routinely enjoy this traditionally morning -- and increasingly daylong -- ritual. In practical terms, regular coffee drinkers include the majority of U.S. adults and a growing number of children.

"Overall, the research shows that coffee is far more healthful than it is harmful," says Tomas DePaulis, PhD, research scientist at Vanderbilt University's Institute for Coffee Studies, which conducts its own medical research and tracks coffee studies from around the world. "For most people, very little bad comes from drinking it, but a lot of good."

Coffee even offsets some of the damage caused by other vices, some research indicates. "People who smoke and are heavy drinkers have less heart disease and liver damage when they regularly consume large amounts of coffee compared to those who don't," says DePaulis.

There's also some evidence that coffee may help manage asthma and even control attacks when medication is unavailable, stop a headache, boost mood, and even prevent cavities.

Is it the caffeine? The oodles of antioxidants in coffee beans, some of which become especially potent during the roasting process? Even other mysterious properties that warrant this intensive study?

Actually, yes.

Some of coffee's reported benefits are a direct result of its higher caffeine content: An eight ounce cup of drip-brewed coffee contains about 85 mg -- about three and a half times more than the same serving of tea or cola or one ounce of chocolate.

"The evidence is very strong that regular coffee consumption reduces risk of Parkinson's disease and for that, it's directly related to caffeine," DePaulis tells WebMD. "In fact, Parkinson's drugs are now being developed that contain a derivative of caffeine based on this evidence."

Caffeine is also what helps in treating asthma and headaches. Though not widely publicized, a single dose of pain reliever such as Anacin or Excedrin contains up to 120 milligrams -- what's in a hefty mug o' Joe.

This is only a little information about benefits of Coffee, but after I read this, I will talk to my self again, let's drink coffee, 4 cups it's not matter :)